May 25, 2011

Legislator Nicolello Votes To Consolidate County Departments –

Law Saves Taxpayers Dollars and Improves Services

The Nassau County Finance Committee voted to approve two historic measures to consolidate duplicative county departments and save millions of dollars. The consolidation of departments will reduce managerial costs by eliminating high level personnel costs while maintaining the county’s current high level of services.

“The consolidation of these departments will eliminate unnecessary administrative levels and excess managerial positions while preserving the quality services Nassau provides to residents,” said Legislator Nicolello, Chairman of the Finance Committee. “In addition, the savings created by this consolidation will minimize the cuts we are being forced to make to satisfy NIFA.”

The local law, which will be voted on by the full Legislature on June 6, 2011, merges the county’s Planning Department into the Public Works Department and consolidates four departments into a Department of Human Services. In addition to eliminating the salaries of commissioners and deputy commissioners and improving the delivery of services, the consolidation will allow the county to sell the building currently housing the Planning Department, which is valued at approximately $2 million.