April 30, 2007

 Legislator Nicolello Votes “NO” on Fee Increases

Legislator Richard J. Nicolello joined the Nassau County Republican Legislators, and even coaxed one lone Democrat, to vote to defeat a bill which would increase fees for Nassau County Fire Marshal regulatory services.  Presented to the full Legislature on April 25, the proposed legislation would require local businesses, to pay higher fees for permits, certificates, applications, approvals and licenses to remain compliant with the requirements set forth in the Nassau County Fire Prevention Ordinance.

“Increasing the already hefty fees for these services will further burden the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy in Nassau County. Moreover, the increased fees get passed on to local residents adding to a cost of living that is the highest in the nation. In reality, the increased fees are not intended to cover the cost of the service, but to generate additional monies for County government,” said Legislator Nicolello.