July 23, 2007

Legislator Nicolello Supports Petition to Force
Nassau Legislature to Consider Five Year Property Assessment Freeze

Nassau County Legislator Richard J. Nicolello and the other members of the Republican caucus have started a petition drive to force the legislature’s Democratic Majority to hold hearings on a Republican proposal that would that would freeze property reassessment for five years.  Under the bill proposed by the nine Republican members of the Nassau County Legislature, a homeowner’s assessed valuation could decrease but not increase during the five year period. The Democrat Majority, which has control over what proposed laws are scheduled for a public hearing, has refused to consider the measure.

In response to the refusal of the Democratic Majority to hold a hearing on the law, Legislator Nicolello and his fellow Republican Legislators have turned to provisions of the Nassau County charter and government law that would require the County Legislature to schedule a public hearing on a proposed local law upon the submission of a petition signed by more than 2,000 qualified County voters.   

The Legislators and candidates are circulating this petition throughout all nineteen Legislative Districts in the County to obtain the required signatures.  “The proposal to freeze assessment increases received overwhelming support from constituents who responded to a recent survey I sent. A public hearing and due consideration of the bill are what County residents are seeking and it is the job of the Legislature to at least give them that,” said Legislator Nicolello.