July 21, 2011

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Nassau County Legislators Pass 2011 Capital Plan

The Nassau County Legislature put politics aside and unanimously approved the 2011 Nassau County Capital Plans.  Capital projects include maintenance and rehabilitation of county roads, preservation and redevelopment of county parks, enhancement of technology to improve government efficiency, and much more throughout the county and in our neighborhood. 

This year’s program is two-pronged and includes the Sewer and Storm Water Plan which will provide for vital upgrades and improvements to the county’s ailing sewer infrastructure, as well as the General Capital Plan which advance projects that will include enhancements to County facilities, rehabilitation of roadways and parks, drainage improvements and numerous other necessary maintenance projects.

“The Capital Plan provides for necessary upgrades to improve the quality of life of our residents and the safety of the county as a whole,” said Legislator Richard Nicolello.  “As an added bonus, these improvements will be done by local construction trade members, returning people to the workforce.”

Approval of the Capital Plan ensures that the capital improvement projects will commence, contracts will be awarded, and many people in Nassau County can count on employment in the coming year.  “I’m glad that we were able to agree on a smart plan for 2011 and I look forward to getting the projects started and people working,” said Legislator Nicolello.