May 24, 2013


Hurricane/Severe Weather Preparedness Seminar

Thursday, May 30, 2013  •  6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

MacArthur High School - 3369 N. Jerusalem Rd., Levittown

Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr. invites all Nassau County residents to attend this very important seminar to learn what you can do to prepare your household for the impact of future hurricanes or other severe weather events.

Legislator Dunne and members of the Nassau county Department of Emergency Management will be on hand to discuss all safety, planning, response, and coordination for natural disasters, in addition to answering any questions you may have about hurricane/severe storm preparedness.  The seminar speaks in detail about weather conditions, sheltering, and making a plan.

Check out Nassau County Office of Emergency Management’s website for hurricane preparedness information and emergency contacts.

The Nassau County Office of Emergency Management’s website offers general hurricane preparedness information plus links to emergency shelter locations, evacuation routes for Nassau residents, survival kit essentials, ways to protect pets and animals, disaster checklists to keep you prepared, disaster checklists for those with special needs, and

emergency contact numbers.