August 1, 2011


Legislator Dunne Passes Items to Improve Safety for Nassau County Residents

Nassau County Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr. is pleased to announce the passage of two items through the Nassau County Legislature that provide for improvements to the safety of the residents of Nassau County. The first item improves the efficiency of the traffic signals in Wantagh, Levittown, and Hicksville, while the second item replaces outdated equipment at the Cedar Creek Sewage Treatment Plant.

“As Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, making sure that our residents stay safe is a priority of mine,” said Legislator Dunne. “These two projects will help make sure that happens.”

The improvements to the Cedar Creek Sewage Treatment Plant include the replacement of equipment that is over 20 years old. Additionally, improvements have been made to the mode of operation of the effluent screens and the disinfection system. This improvement will make the plant run more efficiently, and help maintain the water quality in Nassau County.

The project calls for the replacement of current traffic signals with new low energy usage LED lights. Not only will these new lights save the county money by using less energy, but they will be more visible to motorists and pedestrians as well. The traffic signals to be replaced are along Wantagh Avenue in Wantagh and Levittown, North Jerusalem Road in Wantagh, North Bellmore, North Merrick, and Gardiners/Jerusalem Avenue in Levittown and Hicksville.