August 19, 2010

Open Public Safety Letter to All Residents

I would like inform all residents of some information passed along to me from Lawrence W. Mulvey, Commissioner of the Nassau County Police Department.

The Police Department has noticed a correlation between large house parties and the likelihood of violence occurring at such gatherings.  The level of violence in the incidents has varied from moderate to severe. However in most cases, the police were not informed of the gathering until it was too late.

With this in mind, the Police Department is asking that all residents be aware of what’s happening in their neighborhood, and to call 911 if a local party appears to be getting unruly.


Obviously, the safety of the residents of Nassau County is a top priority for me, and for the Police Department. By using some preemptive judgment, we can prevent a situation from escalating and turning tragic. When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful.


Dennis Dunne, Sr.

Legislator, District 15