March 4, 2011


Home Energy Tax Repeal Saves Homeowner’s Money

As many of you are aware, the recent situation in Libya and the Middle East have caused a spike in oil prices. Recent studies indicate that the average price of heating oil averages $3.94 per gallon from full-service dealers. In this difficult economy, it is a high price to pay to keep your home warm.

Thankfully, last year I made the repeal of the Home Energy Tax a priority of mine. The former legislative majority was willing to burden you with a 2.5% tax on every gallon of oil to heat your home. Currently to completely fill an average 275 gallon tank, it costs $1,083.50. If the home energy tax was not repealed, it would have cost an extra $27 every time it’s filled. However, if the tank is filled an average of 5 times a year (a modest estimate), that’s over $100.

Fiscal responsibility and restraint is advised in this economic climate. There’s a difference between pinching pennies and squeezing money out of people. In Nassau County, we’ve streamlined the workforce, cut nearly $200 million in spending and have eliminated 16.5% in proposed property tax increased. In addition, we repealed the Home Energy Tax. We’re willing to cut back to put the extra $100 into your pockets, as any good government should.