November 15, 2006

Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr. Responds Quickly to Address Safety Concerns on Wantagh Avenue by Macarthur High School

Nassau County Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr. responded to the school district and PTA by having Wantagh Avenue by the MacArthur High School student parking lot repaved and, most importantly, putting in a turning lane signal.

“The health and safety of our children will always be a priority”, stated Legislator Dunne, “Up to now that area was hazardous and troublesome for the students as well as other members of the community.”

Legislator Dunne would like to thank the PTA for bringing this problem to his attention. At this past Monday’s meeting of the Nassau County Legislature, Dunne personally thanked Ray Ribiero, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, for getting the job done.