May 10, 2006

Jacobs & Majority Legislators work swiftly to overhaul hospital board

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (Woodbury), together with Health Committee Chairman Jeff Toback (D-Oceanside) has been interviewing prospective candidates for the Nassau University Medical Center’s board of directors. According to Jacobs, it is the hope of the Majority legislators, that the selection of these new members will move the hospital in a positive direction.

"The four legislative appointments should be announced by the end of next week,” Jacobs said. “We have interviewed several candidates for the board positions and we are confident the people we select will have outstanding professional credentials and be free from conflicts of interest based on disclosure forms that have been submitted.”

The Nassau University Medical Center has been struggling through a financially tumultuous time and according to the Nassau County Comptroller’s office, the hospital corporation’s cash and “cash equivalents” have fallen from $12.9 million in March to only $3.6 million in April. In addition, because the county guarantees the corporation’s $300-million debt, its failure could have a drastic affect on Nassau County’s own finances.

"Making these critical board appointments in a meticulous and methodical manner will assure that the residents of Nassau County will have a medical facility that will continue its mission of serving the poor and indigent of this county,” said Legislator Toback.