August 1 , 2006

Jacobs and Majority Legislators Approve Megan’s Law Helpline


Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (Woodbury), joined by her fellow Nassau lawmakers, this week approved $100,000 in funding to assist Parents for Megan’s Law, Inc. in its goal to prevent and treat cases of child sexual abuse. Parents for Megan’s Law Inc. will work closely with the Nassau County Police Department to help with: education, advocacy, referrals, policy, and legislative support services.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that our vulnerable children are not victimized by repeat sex offenders,” said Presiding Officer Jacobs. “This funding is about protecting our children.”

The funding will also enable Parents for Megan’s Law to support a toll free helpline which will provide residents with information about sex offenders and educational literature; will promote outreach and will increase dissemination of sex offender notifications; and will provide counseling referrals to the Nassau County Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect.

The helpline is part of an agreement between Nassau County, the Nassau County Police Department and Parents for Megan’s Law, Inc.

“This funding will help the County and Parents for Megan’s Law, Inc. to continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable residents,” said Legislator Kevan Abrahams (D-Hempstead) of the Public Safety Committee. “The helpline will be an invaluable resource our residents can use to protect their families from sexual predators.”

“Nassau County can now add even more to its extensive arsenal of resources relating to sex offenders,” Presiding Officer Jacobs added.

Laura Ahearn, Executive Director of Parents for Megan’s Law applauded Nassau County’s Legislators for their commitment to protecting their most vulnerable populations from sexual predators. “This funding will ensure a continued collaboration with the Nassau County Police Department with a significant increase in the amount of services Nassau residents will receive to help prevent child sexual abuse.”

“We need our residents to be informed; conveying knowledge of predators and educating our youth is the most practical way to help prevent our children from being victimized,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner James H. Lawrence.