August 7, 2006

Jacobs Reaching Out in Attempt to Save the Museum from Financial Disaster

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (Woodbury) today announced that she is working diligently to save the Cradle of Aviation Museum from financial ruin by working with her fellow lawmakers, museum management staff, museum board members and members of the Suozzi Administration.

Recently, Presiding Officer Jacobs contacted U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy to expedite a federal grant of $750,000 for a World War II Carrier Deck display for the museum. Presiding Officer Jacobs added that she felt the funding would be a much-needed “shot in the arm” for the museum as it would bring in an enormous amount of visitors and revenue.

“I am hopeful that Congresswoman McCarthy will heed our request to rush the museum the funding it so desperately needs for a World War II Carrier Deck display and the revenue it would bring in,” Presiding Officer Jacobs said.

Presiding Officer Jacobs has also made inquiries to Deputy County Executive Peter Gerbasi of the Suozzi Administration as to the status of the $100,000 the County is supposed to release to the museum as long as it meets its benchmarks on attendance and the operation losses.

Nassau County’s Museum Consultant Elaine Gurian was also contacted by Presiding Officer Jacobs. Jacobs aired her concerns regarding the museum’s survival and requested that as soon as possible Ms. Gurian forward Presiding Officer Jacobs a full report as to the status of the Cradle of Aviation as well as the other museums that the County subsidizes.

Presiding Officer Jacobs also met recently with Eric Ricippio concerning the Cradle and its future. Presiding Officer Jacobs then contacted the museum’s board members to update them of her findings and asked that the board provide to her with a strategic plan regarding fund raising initiatives.

“It is becoming increasingly important that there be a coordinated effort it this wonderful museum is to succeed,” Presiding Officer Jacobs said. “My goal is to save the museum so that our residents can enjoy it for years to come.”