August 9, 2006

Jacobs calls on LIRR to install "extensions" on dangerous platforms

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (Woodbury) called today on the Long Island Railroad President James Demody to install extensions at certain train stations to alleviate the dangerous gap that exists between the trains and platform. This week a teenager died when she slipped into a gap while waiting for a train.

Presiding Officer Jacobs points out the large gap at the Syosset train station


Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs points out the 15 and 1/2 inch gap at the Syosset train station.

In a letter to LIRR President James Dermody, Jacobs wrote:

“Never before had I felt so compelled to write a letter regarding a life and death situation with reference to the Syosset Rail Road station. In light of the recent tragedy that occurred in Woodside, Queens I am requesting that immediate action be taken to rectify the dangerous platform situation at this site.

I frequently visit this station to meet my constituents, and I am very aware and terrified every time I watch a passenger “jump” the platform to enter the train. This is a result of the gap between the platform and the car of the train.

It has been brought to my attention that in NYC, on certain platforms, extensions have been installed to alleviate the problem. I ask that action be taken at the Syosset Rail Road station immediately, and that a review of all stations on Long Island be undertaken to ensure the safety for all commuters.”