Jacobs Announces Purchase of Development Rights to Meyers Farm

Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) announced recently the acquisition of the development rights to the 8-acre Meyers Farm in Woodbury. The purchase will allow the property to remain an open space while still allowing the Meyers family to continue farming, which they’ve been doing since 1920.

The property cost $4,270,000, and will come out of the $100 million Environmental Protection bond approved by voters last November.

“I’m so excited to see properties like the Meyers Farm being preserved as open spaces,” Jacobs said. “By keeping the few open spaces we have left, we are ensuring that future generations of Nassau County residents will have the same green spaces that are so important to our quality of life.”

A 2005 Environmental Protection bond of $50 million preserved 72.3 acres of land and development rights were purchased on 43 acres. The first bond also addressed park improvement, clean water, and brownfields projects.