Jacobs and Lawmakers Act Quickly to Increase Safety Conditions at County Police Shooting Range

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) joined fellow lawmakers in announcing the cleanup of the Nassau County Police Department’s pistol range, while also committing to the construction of a new facility.

“I am extremely pleased to announce this cleanup of the pistol range because, not only will it increase the quality of our police training facilities, it will eliminate the possibility of another accident occurring,” Jacobs said.

During the months of March and April, four police officers using the firing range were hit by ricocheting bullets or “splashback” from the berm behind the targets. Though none of the officers were seriously injured, the legislature decided that action needed to be taken.

“This is a public safety issue for our valued police officers, and they deserve a safe place to train,” Jacobs said. “They face enough dangers on the street.”

The cleanup, which will cost $400,000, includes the removal of bullets and casings from the soil, the replacement of five barrels where the spent casings are stored, and the replacement of the dirt berm with a sand berm, which is more effective at stopping bullets.

After completion of the rehabilitation, a Request for Proposal will be assembled to address required modifications at the Hempstead facility.

The dangers at the pistol range were brought to the attention of the legislators when Police Union President Gary DelaRaba informed them of the conditions while speaking at the public forum portion of the May 9 legislative session. Legislators took a tour of the facility the following day to review the conditions.