Jacobs Approves Law Requiring Tattoo/Piercing Parlors to Explain Health Risks of Body-Piercing

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) joined fellow lawmakers in approving a law at the June 4 meeting that forces employees of tattoo and body piercing shops to provide a written form explaining the possible health risks inherent to body piercing and to obtain signed consent forms from customers of any age.

“This law explains to customers just how risky body piercing can be,” Jacobs said. “Everything from cracked teeth from a pierced tongue to infections from pierced noses and eyebrows has been reported. We want everyone to know what they’re getting into before they get into it.”

In other business, legislators approved a law requiring the licensing of sign-hangers in the county. The law, proposed by Legislators Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) and Dave Mejias (D-North Massapequa), requires all sign-hangers to be licensed by the Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs in an effort to increase public safety and lower the possibility of personal injury or property damage.

Legislators also approved an ordinance prohibiting the use of skateboards or rollerblades in locations of the campus of Nassau Community College.

The Health Committee approved a “social host” law proposed by Leg. Mejias, that would make it possible for party hosts to be prosecuted if minors are found be drinking alcohol. The law would slap party hosts with a $250 fine for the first violation, $500 for a second violation, and a $1,000 and possible jail time for the third and any subsequent violation.

“Some adults believe underage drinking is just part of growing up and therefore think it is acceptable to give alcohol to underage people,” said Jacobs, “but this law will send a clear message to adults that providing alcohol to underage youth is not acceptable and it’s against the law.”

The Public Safety Committee approved Cameron’s Law, a law that establishes a county Web site promoting child safety and traffic accident prevention. The law also mandates the distribution to all new and used car dealers in the county information relative to promoting child safety and accident prevention for vehicle owners.

The Planning, Development & the Environment Committee approved a law updating the Fire Marshal’s rules governing the use and operation of underground storage tanks at fueling stations, requiring their removal and replacement after 30 years.

The Health Department appropriated $3,066,288 in funds to be received from the New York State of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for certain hospital based chemical dependency programs for January through December 2007. In other Health Department business:


  • $359,092 was appropriated to provide nutritional services and food vouchers to women, infants and children who qualify under federal nutritional and financial need guidelines.
  • $193,156 was appropriated to create a Nassau County Child Fatality Review Team that will screen all child deaths for children under 18 years old in order to identify those that require review. 
  • $17,863 was appropriated to reduce the prevalence of elevated blood lead levels in children under six years of age through public and professional outreach and education, screening, diagnostic evaluation, case management and environmental inspections.
  • $10,000 was appropriated to provide the opportunity for Nassau County Department of Health to enhance the capabilities of their current cadre of well-trained licensed health care professionals and increase awareness of the Medical Reserve Corps program.

The next scheduled meeting will be held June 18 at 10 a.m.