Jacobs and Lawmakers Approve Law Notifying Neighbors of County Land Sales

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) will join fellow lawmakers in voting on a law that requires the Nassau County Planning Commission to give notice to property owners of any sale of County-owned land within a 150-foot radius of the property at the July 30 meeting of the full legislature, after passing through committee July 18.

The law also requires the Planning Commission to report to the community if, should the land be sold to an adjacent land owner, the large combined lot could be subdivided.

“When the sale of County-owned land occurs, it is important to consider the members of the surrounding community and the impact the sale could have on their lives,” Jacobs said. “The residents of Nassau County deserve to know what exactly is happening when the County sells a piece of land, and this law provides guidelines where that can occur.”

In other news, the proposed budget for Nassau Community College was defeated, despite a vote in support by Jacobs.

“I felt that the proposed budget for the 2007-08 school year was fair and accurate, and I am disappointed that the majority of my fellow legislators did not feel the same way,” Jacobs said. “The students of NCC deserve better.”

The legislature also approved an $111,518 grant for an anti-gang initiative as part of the District Attorney’s Office’s Project Safe Neighborhood. The funds will create a multi-jurisdiction Project Safe Neighborhood Special Prosecution Unit comprised of federal prosecutors and cross-designated state prosecutors for each of the PSN-partners District Attorney’s Offices.

Also approved were the following appoints to County boards and commissions:

Taxi and Limousine Commission

  • Kenneth J. Caldwell – Commissioner
  • Steven Berry – Commissioner

Advisory Council for senior Citizen Affairs

  • Charlotte L. Allen
  • George J. Browne
  • Cyd Beth Charrow
  • Michael P. Golden
  • Roseanne Hatzelman
  • Raymond Iryami
  • Joyce Kaufmann
  • Jay Thomas Korth
  • Kenneth Lee
  • Ilene L. Nathanson
  • Marie A. Sammons
  • Andrew Safyer
  • Jeffrey A. Siegel
  • Jean Silverman

Nassau County Traffic Safety Board

  • Michael E. Beer
  • Robert T. Francis
  • Kichul Lee
  • Steven November
  • Eric J. Sussman
  • Mark Yedlin

The next meeting will be July 30.