Jacobs Reminds Residents that Schools are Open, Please Drive Safely

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) wants to remind residents that schools are open, and to be more careful when driving. With children entering and leaving schools, the possibility of an accident is much higher than during the summer.

“Now that schools are in session, our children are walking to school, getting in and out of buses and cars and crowding intersections on their way to and from school,” Jacobs said. “It is imperative that motorists keep that in mind while driving to ensure that every child gets to the classroom and to their home safe and sound.”

A few tips to remember when driving during school hours:

  • It is mandatory that vehicles stop in both directions when a school bus with flashing red lights is stopped in the roadway.
  • Speeding in a posted school zone during a school day, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. will result in fines from $90 to $300.
  • Obey the crossing guards who are assigned to cross our children.
  • Slow Down. Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood. Watch for children playing and gathering near bus stops.
  • Be Alert. Children arriving late for the bus may dart into the street without looking for traffic.

Students riding a school bus should always:

  • Stand 10 feet away from the edge of the road.
  • Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver says its okay before stepping onto the bus.
  • Always walk in front of the bus, never behind the bus.
  • Be sure the bus driver can see you, and you can see the bus driver.

“By following a few simple safety tips, both motorists and schoolchildren will arrive where they need to safely,” Jacobs said. “Be alert and drive safe.”