Jacobs and Fellow Majority Lawmakers to Vote on Mortgage Tax Revenues Nov. 7

Also Approves Drunk Driver Alcohol-Intake Monitoring Program

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) joined fellow lawmakers in passing through committee a resolution to disperse Nassau County mortgage tax revenue to the County’s 64 incorporated villages at the October 22 meeting of the full legislature. The following villages will receive: Cove Neck ($24,494); Laurel Hollow ($68,618); Muttontown ($132,091); and Oyster Bay Cove ($87,389).

“I am delighted that we can continue to offer our fiscal support and cooperation at a time when the villages really need it,” Jacobs said. The tax revenue dispersal will be voted on by the full legislature at the November 7 meeting.

In other news, the legislature also approved an appropriation of $60,000 to fund the District Attorney's Office (Scram Program). These funds, from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, will be for the purchase or rental of Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (Scram) devices and for the creation of a SWI Tracking System and the purchase of computers and equipment.

DWI offenders wear the SCRAM devices around the ankle, which have sensors that are set to measure perspiration for traces of alcohol every hour or every 30 minutes. Those test results can then be viewed over the Internet by probation officers.

“By monitoring the alcohol intake of DWI offenders who are on probation, we can ensure that they are following the stipulations of their probation,” Jacobs said. “And if they aren’t, we can find out in minutes. This is just another tool at the disposal of our law enforcement officers to combat drunk driving in Nassau County.”

The full legislature also approved an agreement with Old Westbury Gardens to lease the County property known as Boegner Estate Farm House. The property is a 12.17-acre site located on Old Westbury Road in Old Westbury which was acquired by the County in July 2007 for $1,655,000 as part of the Environmental Bond Act Program.

Old Westbury Gardens, a cultural, not-for-profit/educational organization, has offered to run agricultural programs on the property as a source of education and enjoyment for all the citizens, as well as completely refurbish, manage and maintain all buildings located on the property at its own expense. The 99 year lease requires Old Westbury Gardens to maintain and operate the property for the benefit of all Nassau County residents in a manner consistent with local landmark laws and Old Westbury Gardens' standards for preservations of this type, and consistent with open space regulations.

“This just another example of Nassau’s continued commitment to the preservation of open space for the future,” Jacobs said. “This property will be enjoyed by residents for generations.

The next full meeting of the Legislature is scheduled for November 7 at 6 p.m.