Jacobs and Fellow Lawmakers Approve Tax Exemptions at Jan. 22 Legislative Session

Nassau County Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) and fellow lawmakers unanimously approved a measure that extends property tax exemptions accorded to volunteer firefighters or ambulance workers to their un-remarried surviving spouses. Volunteer firefighters or ambulance workers must have received the 10 percent exemption for at least five years before being killed in the line of duty, or have been enrolled for at least 20 years and been receiving the benefit prior to death.

On the 2007 roll there are 3,230 exemptions granted, totaling $384,879, averaging out to about $119 of reduced assessed value for each property. This law will go into effect in the fiscal year 2007-08.

Lawmakers also unanimously approved a local law raising the maximum income level for people with disabilities to qualify for partial property tax exemptions. This year, tax break percentages range from 5% for those making $34,400 to 50% for those making up to and including $26,000.

Starting in fiscal year 2007-08 and extending through 2010-11, the maximum for each bracket will be increased, so individuals could find themselves getting a larger exemption despite making the same amount of money as before.

The legislature also approved, by emergency, a Long Island Power Authority agreement to pay $2 million annually in lieu of taxes that will benefit the North Shore School District, the Town of Oyster bay and the county.

In 2002 Keyspan Glenwood Energy Center, LLC (“Keyspan Glenwood”), a subsidiary of Keyspan Corporation, constructed two gas-fired electric generation units in Glenwood Landing with a total capacity of 79.9 megawatts.  The generation units are owned and operated by Keyspan Glenwood on land owned by LIPA and leased to Keyspan Glenwood.

Legislators also approved the donation of a Pediatric Trauma Kit to the Police Department from Division 6 of the New York District of the Key Club International to be used in the Emergency Ambulance Unit. 

The next full legislative session will be on Monday, Feb. 5 at 10 a.m.