A Message from Legislator Jacobs

Many Taxpayers Believe Nassau’s Tax Assessment System Needs to be Fixed.

There will be a proposal on the November ballot where you, the voter, can change the assessment system!
Many of you have voiced serious concerns about the assessment system at the community meetings I have held on this topic.I listened and took action.
On September 3rd of this year, I voted for local law Number 7 of 2008, which makes concrete changes to the County Department of Assessment.

Here is why I supported this law to protect the homeowner:
It Streamlines the Department of Assessment

* Abolishes the Board of Assessors
* Makes the Assessor an appointed rather than an elected position,

thus ensuring direct oversight by the County Executive and the County Legislature.

It Professionalizes the Department of Assessment

* Sets standards of educational and professional experience for theAssessor.
*Requires the Assessor to obtain New York State certification.

The new law creates a referendum which will appear at the top of the election ballot on Tuesday, November 4th.

Please look for it and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!