“I have been a member of the Nassau County Legislature since its inception. Back in the Gulotta days, when Nassau was nearly bankrupt and a step above junk bond status, I became Presiding Officer and, in that capacity, went to Albany and pleaded for the creation of an oversight board to save Nassau. The Nassau Interim Finance Authority (“NIFA”) was formed three months later and Ron Stack has been a member of this board since the beginning. He is an expert in the field of municipal finance and has served this board with nothing but dignity and professionalism.

“In my opinion, it is a travesty to lose not only Mr. Stack’s leadership on this board, but his institutional knowledge of the County and his expertise. To replace him, while in the middle of debating the 2014 budget and other critical financial decisions which are looming, absolutely makes no sense. I certainly have the respect for Jon Kaiman’s leadership but NIFA needs the continuity and historical background which Mr. Stack offers, especially at this critical time.”