December 3, 2010


Be Prepared for Winter: Conserve Energy

As the weather gets colder, it is time to start turning on the heat in our homes, but, along with the heat comes onerous oil and gas bills.


The 2.5% Home Energy Tax was repealed as of June 1, 2010.

Make sure to check all of your utility bills to ensure that your service provider has removed the tax from your bill.

Here are some low-cost ways to conserve energy as you heat your home this winter:

•  Weather-strip doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping. Don’t forget weather-stripping on attic and basement doors.

•  Check for cracks around windows and fireplace. Keep heat in by caulking all cracks.

•  Open blinds and draperies during the day to let in the heat from the sunshine.

•  Try to cut down on the use of kitchen and bathroom fans in winter. These fans suck warm air out and waste heat.

• Teach children to keep doors closed and discuss other ways of conserving heat and    

   saving energy with them.

If you have a low income or if you are a senior citizen on a fixed income, you may qualify for government assistance with your heating bills – Call HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) at 1-800-342-3009.

Have a Pleasant Home Energy Tax-Free Winter!