In an effort to help utilize the county’s overall space more effectively while generating additional revenue, the Nassau County Office of Purchasing has undertaken a comprehensive effort to sell its surplus personal property. These items include: vehicles (cars, trucks), highway maintenance equipment, computers, office equipment, furniture, medical equipment, cameras, restaurant equipment, electrical & plumbing supplies, tools, generators, compressors and scrap metal.

Consequently Nassau County has entered into a contract with Auctions International, a respected on-line auctions company headquartered in Buffalo, NY who specializes in selling surplus property for government agencies.  Engaging Auctions International to help dispose of surplus personal property will provide the County with the means and expertise to maximize revenue potential from its surplus.  We are very excited to offer our items through this auction site and hope you take advantage of the many unique items and bargains. 

To view and bid on items available for auction, you may enter the Auctions International website by clicking on this link:

Good Hunting!!