Aug 2, 2011

Maragos: The Nassau County Living Wage increases to $14.61 per hour on August 1

On August 1st the Nassau County Living Wage rate increased from $14.16 to $14.61 per hour, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos announced today. The $14.61 hourly wage does not include health or child care benefits. Employers who provide benefits are only required to pay $12.90 per hour.

The Living Wage Law applies to all county employees and businesses contracting with the County (contracts over $25,000). Enacted in January 2006, the Law ensures that employees earn a decent hourly wage, receive health benefits or child care benefits or benefits supplement, and are compensated for days off. Since 2007, when the wage rates went into effect, the hourly wage increased each August 1.

"The County’s Living Wage Law protects employees and ensures they earn a decent salary,” Comptroller Maragos said.

The Comptroller’s Office will be distributing posters in English and Spanish to all County agencies and service providers to remind them about the August 1 wage increase.  The poster is also available in English and Spanish on the Comptroller’s website at the following links: